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We enjoy it. There is something about getting out there and helping people do what they have to do. Some go to dialysis, some go to work and some go to doctor’s appointments. It is a service that helps the community and the individual. All of the communities that we serve should have public transportation but they don’t and so people are left to scramble to do what is necessary. Catholic Charities has stepped in to fulfill this need."

- Judy & Andrew

Driving for these people, our clients, is so rewarding. Most of the time they want to engage in conversation because they have no one to talk to, or they have had a tough day. Usually the ones returning home from a day at dialysis are tire and ready to nap. They like a quite ride back home. A day driving as a volunteer is very rewarding.  So many people are so in appreciation of our service. They are always thanking us for our service. "

- Gary W.


The TRN is a collaboration between various government and non‐profit organizations within Tarrant County.  These include groups such as Catholic Charities Fort Worth, United Way of Tarrant County, Area Agency on Aging, and The Fort Worth Transit Authority.  They work together to fulfill the goal of providing reliable, affordable transportation for persons in need throughout Tarrant County.

This allows affected persons to get to work, seek medical attention, and participate actively in the community.  Over half of the rides relate to job‐related needs, another large percentage of rides are for medical needs, and the remainder are for personal needs.

All volunteer drivers receive training prior to signing up to work a shift. Training sessions are scheduled at least twice per month at Catholic Charities Fort Worth, 249 Thornhill Drive, Fort Worth TX 76115. Call 817‐534‐0814 to inquire about scheduling.

You may request to ride along with a current volunteer or staff member to get an idea of what a typical driving shift looks like.


Our volunteer
drivers are...

college students, retirees, people who drive after work, parents who drive while their kids are in school, and hopefully...